This entire tutorial, including the table of contents, index, and textbook guides, is available in a CD-ROM format for personal use on a home or office computer. The CD-ROM gives you unlimited use of the tutorial without having to establish an internet connection, and there is never a problem of the server being busy or down. Also, the CD-ROM allows for faster loading of pages and graphics.


DESCRIPTION: This tutorial was designed to provide instruction on the specific capabilities of the TI-83 or TI-84 Graphing Calculator that are necessary for a Precalculus Algebra or College Algebra course in which graphing calculator technology is integrated. Step-by-step instruction is given in the use of the calculator that you can follow AT YOUR OWN PACE! The tutorial will lead you through each topic, providing full key sequences and animated screen images at each step. The content is text independent, but topics have been arranged to follow the traditional sequence in a Precalculus Algebra or College Algebra text. Textbook guides are available for certain texts that align the topics in the tutorial to each section of the textbook.


REQUIREMENTS: Internet Explorer 5.5 or equivalent. If the π (pi), Δ (delta), ∞ (infinity) and ≈ (approximately) symbols are displayed correctly on this page, your browser is properly enabled for this tutorial.




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