SEO myths

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process through which you can drive the traffic towards your website. Apart from all other information, there are some myths that are developed related to the process of SEO.

This creation of different myths is confusing a lot of people who are involved in internet marketing and another field. We asked Henry Manges at SEO Hero to share his thoughts with us so he put together some SEO myths that should not be followed:

1.    You have to do SEO one time:

Some people think that they have already done SEO for their website one time. However, it is something that you have to do frequently. Updating and maintaining your website on regular basis is important. If you do not get involved in doing it frequently, you will not be able to draw much traffic to your website.

2.    SEO is a scam:

The biggest myth about SEO is that it is a scam. Most people do not focus on doing SEO because they think that it is not necessary for their website. Moreover, there’re also some software that are provided to different business owners that promise more success in less time. You have to save yourself from these fake things because SEO involves a lot of effort and commitment.

3.    Google will get it:

If you think that by updating a lot of URLs in much less time with more duplication will help you in getting a higher rank in search engines, you are mistaken. Google and all other search engines are capable of thinking like a human that means they will be able to sort out the pages according to the quality of content they contain.

4.    Keywords can get you No. 1 rank:

Although the importance of keyword cannot be ignored. You have to include them in your content to draw the traffic towards your website. Still, the quality content is important to attract people. They will not come on your website due to the presence of keywords, they will come to get the answer to their questions.

5.    Social activities do not effect SEO:

Thinking that the social websites have no relevance to SEO is not right. Social websites have the higher traffic present on them and if you market your website or information related to your product or anything on social media, it will help you in getting the attention of a lot of people in less time. So make sure that you use all the possible social media sites to improve your SEO.

6.    Google do not promote SEO:

Some people think that the google and other search engines do not promote the use of SEO. This myth needs to be debunked. The reason is, google itself promotes the use of search engine optimization.

All these myths need to be debunked so that the people can have a clear understanding of what is the use of SEO and why is it so important for the SEO hero challenge.

SEO myths that should not be followed for the SEO Hero Competition